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A Wonderful Holiday. Reading + Grammar task.

Task 1. Read and fill in the gaps with the correct verb form

be   take   pack  collect   start

 come     get into     find     spend

        A wonderful Holiday

So the summer _______. We _____ to pack our travel bags. Mom and dad ________ a lot of clothes, sun creams, sunglasses, beach umbrellas and other necessary things. I also ____ my small travel bag. Finally we _____ into the car and _____ to the seaside.

When we came to the hotel we ______ our room. It _______ a very nice room with a beautiful seaside view from the window. The sea was not far from our hotel just in 5 minutes walk. We _______ there one week and came back sun-tanned, relaxed and happy!  

 P.S. I ________ a lot of wonderful shells. Look at the photo! Mary

Task 2. : Answer the questions: 1. When did the family decide to travel? 2. What did they pack for holidays? 3. Did they go by plane? 4. Where did they stay at the seaside? 5. What did Mary collect? 6. How long did they stay at the seaside?

Task 3. Tell about your summer holidays.

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