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Chap Olympics. Reading activity + video link. Upper-intermediate

Chap Olympiad 2012: Competitors take part in the Umbrella Jousting eventGentlemen compete in the Chap Olympiad 

The annual Chap Olympiad, described as 'a celebration of eccentricity and athletic ineptitude with the emphasis on panache and style over sporting prowess', took place in Bedford Square, London, at the weekend and featured events such as cucumber sandwich discus and umbrella jousting

At the weekend English eccentrics and those who adore them grabbed pipes and glasses of Pimms to enjoy summer rain showers and celebrate "athletic ineptitude and immaculate trouser creases".

The Olympiad's strict dress code favours sartorial style over sporting efficiency, requesting "elegant finery, military wear, formal wear, dandy wear. No sportswear except cricket whites and absolutely no denim."

Chap Olympiad

Chap Olympiad

Chap Olympiad: Competitors in the Shouting at Foreigners event, where the aim is to purchase an item from a curmudgeonly, uncooperative foreign shopkeeper who doesn't speak English without resorting to hitting him. Source: Getty Images

In the shouting at foreigners event, the aim was to purchase an item from an uncooperative foreign shopkeeper who doesn't speak English without resorting to hitting him.

Other popular events include the pipeathlon, gentlemen's golf club and not playing tennis.

Winning performances were judged principally on maintenance of panache, perfectly knotted ties, stiff upper lips and acceptable (caddish) levels of skulduggery.

Winners receive gold, silver and bronze cravats.Alongside the usual track, field and bar events, the Chap Olympiad includes sideshows and stalls selling a range of items from trilby hats to wet shaves.

Other sporting highlights included:

Briefcase phalanx: a line of ten chaps and chapettes, dressed for the office and clutching briefcases and handbags, creates a phalanx. Lone contestants must charge at them and try to break through to the secretary on the other side, who is ready to type a letter.

Butler baiting: teams of two (master and butler) must assemble a wardrobe impressive enough to satisfy the butler, by running back and forth between their master and a suitcase full of clothing.

Not playing tennis: contestants seated in armchairs play a game of tennis without getting up. The tennis ball is suspended on a wire hung between two hat stands.

In a flattering turn of events, The Chap magazine have been invited to stage their Olympiad in the Olympic Park during the Games.

Watch the video report here http://www.thechapolympiad.com/

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