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How to say Zero in English

  How to Say Zero in English. 

Как правильно сказать ноль по-английски

0 is zero and in British English, it’s sometimes known as nought.

In telephone numbersroom numbersbus numbers and dates (years), we say oh. В телефонных номерах, номерах комнат, автобусов и в датах (годах) мы используем oh (оу).


Here are some examples. Примеры:

  • The meeting is in Room 502 (five oh two)
  • You need to take Bus 205 (two oh five)
  • She was born in 1907 (nineteen oh seven)
  • My telephone number is 07781 020 560 (oh double seven eight one oh two oh five six oh OR zero seven seven eight one zero two zero five six zero)

For football scores we say nil: ‘The score was three nil (3-0) to Barcelona’. 

В футбольном счете мы говоим nil (нил).

American English uses various words for sports scores: The Yankees are winning three nothing/ three zero/ three zip.
For tennis scores we say love: ‘The score was thirty love. (30-0)

For temperatures we say zero: ‘It’s zero degrees celsius today (0°)

При обозначении температуры мы используем zero (зироу).

The decimal point десятичная точка (Notice that in English we say decimal point, and not a dot as in internet addresses). In British English, zero and nought are used before and after a decimal point. American English does not use nought.


Oh can be used after the decimal point.
Here are some examples:

  • 0.05       zero point zero five OR nought point nought five
  • 0.5%      zero point five percent OR nought point five percent.
  • 0.501     zero point five zero one OR nought point five nought one OR           nought/zero point five oh one
Over to you now.  Try saying the following:
    1. Can I have my bill please? I’m in Room 204.
    2. The exact figure is 0.002.
    3. Can you get back to me on 0208 775 3001.
    4. Look, it’s less than 0.0001! Let’s not worry about it.
    5. 0.75% won’t make a lot of difference.



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