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Idioms: Starting/beginning
I. Learn the idioms:
Make a fresh start - начать всё заново (the beginning of a new period or step
Start from scratch - начать с нуля, не имея преимущества (start something from the very beginning)
Back to the drawing board  - вернуться в начало, начать сначала (an idea has to go back to the beginning because it was unsuccessful
II. Choose the best idiom to complete the situation:
a) - Bess! Why did you quit your job in that bank? You were making so much money. 
    - I decided it was time to _________________ and become a writer. 
 b) The boss forced the young employee to _____________ because his project didn't work well.
 c) Sherryl _______________ her company __________, and now she is rich and successful. (Mind the Past Simple tense!)
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