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Writing a story. 3d person narrative
 3-d person narrative

  • Introduction (describe who was involved, time, place in an interesting way to help the reader imagine the situation)
  • Main story (develop your story presenting the events in order)
  • Conclusion (depict what happened in the end and refer to people's feelings, final comments or reaction)
Use more adjectives and adverbs: wonderful, suprising, cautiously etc.
Use comparisons: run like the wind, as quiet as a mouse, as white as a sheet, swim like a fish, as black as night, cry liek a baby, as fresh as daisy, shake like a leaf, as busy as a bee, as strong as an ox etc.
Use a variety of verbs: he screamed, whispered, threatened, promised, admitted etc.

huge, enormoustinyhorribleterrifichighlysatisfactorily
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Write a story begin with the phrase: They decided to be more careful next time...

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